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You hold the power within

Release & Heal to Become Your Most Enlightened Self

I have seen incredible transformation after 4 sessions.  This is why I created this program, especially for you. You have power within. It is time for you to tap into your soul. 

Session 1: Release & Heal

We will explore and feel into the energies that you need to release and heal. Through intuitive healing, we will activate the healing process within your cells changing the energetic charges that are within your body that may feel self limiting. 

Session  2: Going Deeper Within

You will be guided through a process specific to you. This process will empower you to show up in ways for yourself  that you never thought possible. 

Session 3: Empowered Self

Pushing further beyond boundaries that you may have created for yourself and stand in your power. Our power lies within. We will fine tune how you show up for yourself in a way that is nurturing, kind, compassionate, and loving. Bringing in an awareness of your connection with your higher self,  aligning with your passion and purpose.

Session  4: Enlightened Self

Knowing what it feels like to be free from the external chatter, "why are you doing it that way", "don't", "you are not good enough," "I can't," to name a few. Stopping the story and going within, knowing that you have the power. We strengthen your connection to source energy and bring in awareness of what it feels like to be aligned with your higher self. 

Each session is 60min. This can be done in person or via zoom conference call. 

This is for you, if you are ready to connect with the transformative healing power that you hold within, awaken your inner voice, stand in your power, and exist as the beautiful empowered spirit that you are. 

Introductory Rate $997

This includes: 

  • 4 comprehensive sessions: Lisa uses Holistic Nursing, Reiki, and Native American Healing techniques that are guided by spirit to bring all that is intended for your highest & greatest good with love.

  • Access to meditation scripts, evidence based tip sheets to help you deal with stress, tips on connecting with your intuition, Spirit, Spirit guides, angels, and ancestors. 

  • Using her medical intuition, Lisa will compose a personalized health guideline sheet