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Illuminate Your Soul Journey February 11th | Ventura


Your intuition is a powerful thing that is more than just a feeling. It is a part of who we are that nudges us in a certain direction, it is that pit in our stomach that warns us when something is not quite right, and that knowing when we are making the right decisions. Lisa will take you on a high vibrational experience that will connect you to your intuition. She will guide you to an understanding of what intuition really means and how it works.


Meditation led by Susie Longwill

  • Get settled into a space that will allow you to tap into your intuition

Learn ways to connect with your intuition

  • we all have this within
  • what is the knowing
  • nurturing the higher consciousness

Open share & Closing

  • share your experiences
  • supportive environment
  • promote your offerings
  • closing with a sound healing meditation

Let's raise the vibe and bring yourself to an awareness that allows you to become more intuitive each and every day.

Big Island of Hawaii Retreat March 11-16, 2020


Renew and regenerate yourself on the Big Island of Hawaii with Yoga, Energy Healing, meditation, and guidance for spiritual growth.