Join Me

Gentle Flow & Cacao Ceremony November 2nd | Ventura


 Spend your Saturday in a gentle yoga flow and cacao ceremony, with drumming, meditation, and relaxation. This event is limited to 6 people. November 2nd at Harmony Whole Health from 1:30-3pm.  

Illuminate Your Soul Journey November 17th | Ventura


 Your body is a physiological machine that will mindlessly carry you through life. When you decide you want something more, the awakening process starts. As you start to heal your emotional traumas you allow the cells in your body to shift and break up patterns that may be causing you disease. Are you feeling like it is time to move out of stress and into rest? Are you searching for your inner voice, ready to show up for yourself in a way that is empowering? Are you feeling a knowing that is awakening your passion? Then this event is for you. Lisa will open with a meditation, provide scientific information about stress, connect you with the transformative healing power that you hold within, and host an opportunity for you to network with each other collectively raising the vibe.   

Big Island of Hawaii Retreat March 11-16, 2020


Renew and regenerate yourself on the Big Island of Hawaii with Yoga, Energy Healing, meditation, and guidance for spiritual growth.